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Nova Aquaponics enables people, communities and organizations to produce their own fresh produce and fish year-round. We currently sell two sizes of aquaponics systems for small-scale and commercial-scale users.


The word Aquaponics comes from the joining of ‘Aquaculture’, the growing of fish in tanks or ponds, and ‘hydroponics’, the growing of plants in water. Aquaponic systems have three main components – Fish, Plants and Microbes. The microbes are a commonly overlooked part of an aquaponic system, but it is these that do the most important work in the nutrient cycle. Aquaponics uses no soil at all – but it can use either an alternative growing media such as clay pebbles, pumice stone, lava rock or gravel, or the plants can simply be grown in the nutrient rich waters coming from the fish tanks.

  • No fertilizers—Fish water provides nutrients to plants
  • Low feed conversion ratio (FCR)—requires only 1.3 kg of feed for 1 kg of fresh water trout and striped bass.
  • Healthy fish—Plants purify the water, keeping the fish healthy. Low stocking density strategy used. Yield high grade low fat grade fish biomass.
  • No waste—Solids removal sold as high grade organic fertilizer which provides additional revenue.
  • Low water requirements—Additional water is only required to make up for evaporative loss and plant uptake.
  • Year-round production—Crops can be grown year-round in an indoor climate controlled area.
  • Environmentally friendly—High efficiency translates to a low CO2 footprint


Aquaponics only loses water taken up by plants or lost to evaporation. Our systems integrate vertical farming with aquaculture to minimize the required footprint.


Aquaponics combines the growing of fish (aquaculture) with the growing of plants in water (hydroponics) in a controlled, sustainable and symbiotic environment.


For people with limited access to fresh produce and fish (protein), aquaponics provides an amazing opportunity to grow and can easily setup indoors. This means you can grow crops year round!

Nova Systems

We currently sell two sizes of aquaponics systems for small-scale and commercial-scale users.

Nova Gardens

Our super blend is the best blend of leafy greens, naturally grown at our indoor farm in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Contains: Kale, Romaine, Vulcan Lettuce, Buttercrunch Lettuce, Amaranth, Arugula, Basil 

Nova Fish

Our rainbow trout are essential to our aquaponics system—producing ammonia rich waste which fertilizes our gardens. Once grown to market size, they are sold and replaced with new fish rearing from eggs.

Nova Growth+

Our highest grade fertilizer contains beneficial nitrifying bacteria for use on indoor or outdoor plants and gardens, with ready-to-use levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron and other micro and macro nutrients. Use Nova Growth+ directly on your plants as you would use water—no mixing required.

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Our systems are currently available in Canada and will soon be available in other countries.
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